16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 June 2022

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Disrupting Disadvantage and Trauma: Developing Deadly Futures.

Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc (Deadly Connections) was founded in September 2018 as a specialist Aboriginal Community Controlled (Not For Profit – NFP) organisation. Deadly Connections was established in direct community response to address the over-representation of Aboriginal people, families and communities in both the child protection and justice system/s.

Our Purpose

Deadly Connections positively disrupts inter-generational cycles of disadvantage, grief, loss, trauma by providing holistic, culturally responsive programs and services to First Nations people and communities, especially those who have been impacted by the child protection and/or justice systems.
Our vision is to break the cycle of trauma, disadvantage, child protection and justice system involvement so First Nations people, families can thrive, not just survive.
Our Work
We place culture, healing, true lived experience, deep community connections and self-determination at the centre of all we do
We embody and embed holistic, community-based, decolonising approaches to connecting First Nations people to their cultural, inner and community strength.
We advocate and collaborate to improve justice and child protection systems.

Our Approach
Life Course – we recognise the intersections across all stages and domains in life, intervention and change can occur at any stage of a person’s life course
Decolonising – we challenge the dominance, values and methods of imposed colonial systems, beliefs and practices
Self-Determination – Aboriginal people and communities are experts of their own lives and their own agents for change
Healing Centred Engagement – a holistic healing model that adopts culture, spirituality, community action and collective healing.


Carly and Keenan Mundine
CEO & Founder / Co-Founder & Ambassador
, Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc.

Carly Stanley is a proud Wiradjuri woman born and raised on Gadigal land. Carly is the CEO & FOunder of Deadly Connections and brings a wealth of lived and professional experience across various human service areas and academic qualifications in Criminology.

Keenan Mundine is a proud Aboriginal man, with strong ties to the Biripi Nation through his Mother and the Wakka Wakka Nation through his Father. Keenan was also born and raised on The Block in Redfern on Gadigal land. Keenan is the Co-Founder and Ambassador for Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc. Keenan’s early life was disrupted through child protection involvement after losing both of his parents, he made some poor decisions in his adolescence which resulted in his lengthy involvement in the criminal justice system. Keenan uses his firsthand experience to challenge and change the narrative around justice involved people and their opportunities. Keenan has a strong focus on supporting Aboriginal people to stay out of the criminal justice system but also to help those trapped in the criminal justice system to break the cycle of incarceration and offending behaviour.

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