16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 June 2022

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

My Story – Road to Redemption

Clint enjoyed a stable upbringing by loving and supportive parents. After completing high school, Clint was employed as a Security Guard, living independently and was studying to become a Personal Trainer. The future looked bright… Suddenly, at twenty-two years of age, Clint’s life had a sharp change in direction. Finding himself ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath of his best friend’s suicide, Clint turned to first to alcohol to numb his pain, then to serious drug use. Pent up anger and drug use, coupled with the inevitable negative social peers that this attracts, Clint found himself on the harsh end of the criminal justice system, learning to adjust to a world that he was not prepared.
Clint shares his learnings from his entrance of the criminal justice system to his personal journey to redemption and reintegration with assistance from UnitingCare West’s Specialist Re-entry Services. Clint shares the secrets to his success re-learning to live in a world he was excluded from for nearly six years. He also shares his challenges, his disappointments, and his celebrations.


Lived Experience
, UnitingCare West

Clint is a former prisoner, and graduate from Uniting WA’s Specialist Re-entry Service.
He is currently studying two diplomas in Community Services and Counselling, hoping to graduate in December 2020. Clint’s passion is to support and assist others exiting prison to focus on a positive future, despite their past.

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