16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 June 2022

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Participation not Monitoring

Instead of trying to hold people accountable, we invite them to become personally responsible. Encapsulator, therapeutic technology that is supporting people to identify healthy behaviours and make healthy life choices to create a life worth living. What we are seeing is when we provide a safe and stable support structure, incorporate technology as a support tool. 70% of people who have engaged with encapsulator in the form of a support tool at Glebe House, have remained and remain crime and drug-free for periods longer than 12 months with the longest now being crime and drug-free for 4 + years. As we see advancement in technology in the correctional setting it is all about monitoring. We believe from personal experience and our limited research that it’s about empowering and invitation to participate and take responsibility for your own life. The opposite of what is currently happening. We are currently looking at how we can incorporate encapsulator into other services similar to the Glebe House program to gain a bigger sample size.



Danny Shannon
, Encapsulator

Danny is a 40-year-old white male born in the western suburbs of Sydney. His chances of going to jail were higher than those that were not. Living up to his postcode Danny fell into a life of drug addiction that led to his incarceration. Danny has many great stories the one about his escape from Parramatta jail needs to be heard to be believed. However, his greatest story is about how he has turned his life around and, his sense of nostalgia that has led to him creating a Digital Time Capsule Company encapsulator. Created to bring joy into peoples lives


Dean Lloyd
, encpasulator

Dean is a 45-year-old white male who has a history of Lived Experience of prison and addiction. Dean was working with Danny at Glebe House when Danny conceived the idea and subsequently moved on to other work. Dean is passionate about providing pathways, solutions, and opportunities for people exiting prison.

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