16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 June 2022

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Weaving the seasons of change

Weaving the seasons of change
Like the seasons can change, people can adapt to change with the right supports. Throughout the whole of human history people move through seasons, seasons of growth, humanity, withdrawal, sense of belonging and identity. Connecting to cultural roots is vitally important for individuals and their families as this offers the opportunity to understand the seasons of change within family structures which includes the sense of belonging. This ultimately leads to spiritual , emotional psychological, behaviourial therapeutic benefits. In Tasmania there are complex issues that involve the cultural content of identity, cultural belonging and connection to country, unlike other areas of Australia acceptance isn’t always an easy one. Connection to community is imperative to adapting to seasons of change. Taking into account the CHAC Adult through Care program has integrated into the program the importance of bringing individuals back to their cultural roots and allowing them to embrace their culture by taking them back to country. The program has been designed with a focus on providing a range of wrap around services depending on Individuals needs which are offered internally and by external providers from allied health services. Weaving the individual needs into the individuals goal plan needs to be easy to reach as well as being effective to their release plan. Consistent engagement by the case manager with the individual and their families is the key to a successful integration back into the community.


Dianne Baldock
Adult Through Care Manager
, Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation

Dianne is a Tasmanian Aboriginal women and resides in the north west coast of Tasmania. Di has worked with the Circular Head Aboriginal for approx 20 years across a range of programs. She is Chairperson of Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation. Di is currently overseeing the Adult Through Care model alongside the Tasmanian Prison service located in the states south. Di”s passion is providing through care to community members, families and extended families for their loved ones that are experiencing incarceration. Di is an active member of the Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) she also sits on the ABS round table for ATSI communities across the nation. Di also is the Tasmanian representative for the National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Services forums.

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