16th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
1-3 June 2022

Changing Seasons,
Changing Lives

Mervyn Eades

Ngalla Maya: Aboriginal Employment Access

Mervyn is a proud Minang/ Wilaman man of his Tribe of Noongar Peoples of the South West of Western Australia. He established Ngalla Maya on the idea of creating Education Training and Employment opportunities for his Aboriginal Peoples upon release from the prison systems of WA. Until 13 years ago he was himself a prisoner within this system. He was fortunate enough to have broken that cycle of offending behaviour and he has not re-offended since.

Mervyn’s insight into the system of prison is of personal experiences and he has recognised a gap that needed to be addressed to help prevent Aboriginal Peoples of the State of WA being incarcerated at the highest imprisonment rate in Australia.

Education Training and Employment are the main areas his peoples struggle once released into the community. It is widely acknowledged that employment means getting monies and to have any chance of not re-offending ex-prisoners after being released need to provide for themselves and for their families. This is the basis of the idea to be that person to help provide employment opportunities for the Aboriginal Peoples of WA.

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